Graphic Digits

We have been featured in Graphic Digits, a new publication by Victionary and a groundbreaking review focussed entirely on numeral designs and applications. This book adds to over 100 art-, illustration-, and graphic design-related titles released by Victionary so far in the bid to showcase some of the best talents and studios in their fields.

From handicrafts to vector configurations, this newest title aims to celebrate numerals “as a brilliant graphic element in their own right.” It examines the artistic possibilities of customizing rational and random numeral combinations in graphic identities, packaging, celebrations and marketing campaigns.

Europa Studio features on page 132 with a design of seasonal greeting cards for Mathias Tanguy, based on the pattern developed for their visual identity. 

Published by Victionary
Concept and art direction by Victor Cheung
Design by Viction Workshop Ltd.
Graphic Digits, p. 132, 2014

Graphic Digits book cover.
Mathias Tanguy business cards by Europa Studio featured in Graphic Digits publication.