Brand Built — Branding Buildings & The Builders

The visual identity we created for our property client — Arch Residential — has been featured in Brand Built, a publication showcasing the best branding in the property industry.

As urban property markets around the world continue to boom, the branding of buildings and their creators has become a crucial part of developing a distinct identity amongst fierce industry competition. In an increasingly concentrated market, a strong and consistent branding helps firms to stand out, gain credibility, and influence long-term growth.

Brand Built aims to provide property developers, construction firms and interior design companies a comprehensive resource for inspiration. The publication puts forward the best examples of property branding from around the world: from the Mallorca Towers, a residential development in Guadalajara, Mexico; to Crescent & Montagne, a retail development in Montreal, Canada; the Palais Principe, luxury apartments in Vienna; and Art Residence, art-centric low-rise apartments in Moscow, Russia.

We are delighted our visual identity created for Arch Residential, an independent property sales and lettings agency from London, has been presented amongst a selection of such strong branding projects.

Published by RHED Publishers
Written, designed and curated by Weiming Huang
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn
Brand Built, pp. 40–43, 2016

Brand Built — Branding Buildings & The Builders
Brand Built — property branding — Arch Residential visual identity
Brand Built — property branding — Arch Residential logo