Raising Geometry

Product Design

Concept creation, art direction, photography and marketing collateral production for a design and manufacturing studio’s first product collection.

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Project details

Product Design

What we did:

Art direction
Marketing materials production

Raising Geometry is the first collection of Cascade, a contemporary design and manufacturing studio, specialised in limited edition decorative art, furniture and lighting. Working with skilled craftsmen, the team of Cascade studio focuses on handmade fabrication, high quality materials and processes to produce a refined collection of well-crafted and artfully designed objects.

Graphic in shape and structure, the Raising Geometry collection consists of a series of fully functional mirrors, which enhanced by electricity transform into contemporary light sculptures. Merging natural wood, glass and light, the collection draws inspiration from the classic, mid-century modern design.

Marketing collateral and promotional materials:
Europa Studio art directed and produced all promotional materials for the launch of Raising Geometry collection, starting from concept creation, to photography and marketing collateral design and production.

The concept for hero images promoting the collection draws inspiration from an old factory setup. The past century, rough industrial background contrasts greatly with the polished features of Cascade products, bringing attention to the uniqueness of the design and the high finish of the product. Lifestyle photography shots, featuring across all Cascade’s marketing collateral, have been taken in a contemporary residential setup, and bring to mind the mid-century design which greatly influenced the collection.

Marketing collateral designed for Cascade included product brochures both print and online, postcards, sales materials and press releases.