Branding Element, Logos 3

Brand identity for Arch Residential was published in Branding Element, Logos 3, a third in a series of books on logo design published by SendPoints Publishing. This title advances from the previous two volumes to compile a collection of over 200 latest works of logo design paired with their application on promotional materials, and sorted according to specific categories such as typography, animal, plant and geometry. Additionally, the publication features four in-depth articles unveiling the creative process behind logo design and how it answers the client’s brief and effectively communicates with the customers. 

Published by SendPoints Publishing Co. Ltd.
Branding Element, Logo 3, Volume 3, p. 58, 2014

Branding Element, Logo 3, Volume 3, 58, 2014
Arch Residential brand identity by Europa Studio published in Branding Element, Logo 3, Volume 3, 58, 2014