Art Marks

Great to see our work published in Art Marks, a compendium of logo designs for the creative industries, and displayed amongst some of the best known visual symbols.

The authors of Art Marks conveyed a wide-ranging survey of logos designed for well-known museums, galleries, and theatres, as well as for the architecture, design and fashion industries around the world. The publication contains over 300 of the best known, most interesting and visually pleasing symbols expressing the essence of their institutions’ ethos, ideology and brand.

As the logo and the use of it constantly evolves, so does the practice of identity design. In an attempt to present their broad offer, several artistic institutions are turning to flexible identities consisting of a visual system that is able to change shape and react to their ever-changing needs. This notion of adaptivity and flexibility is particularly prevalent in the art world and the popularity of challenging, creative approaches can be seen as crediting creative audiences with a large amount of visual intelligence. 

Those shifts in the practice of identity design are also represented within Art Marks. Featuring the work of Hey, Pentagram, Homework, 75B, Anagrama, Neubau, Toko, Stefan Kanchev, and many more, this publication is a distinct collection of inspirational techniques and styles.

Compiled and published by Counter-Print
Designed by Leterme Dowling
Art Marks, p. 79, p. 128, 2016

Art Marks
Art Marks – logo design - A Friend of Mine
Art Marks - logo design - Julien Hauchecorne